What’s the first word that pops into your head when we put summer, garden, and party? It’s barbecue, highly likely. It’s such an important activity that it’s seeped deeply into our culture. However short its history may be, it’s developed into what we can consider a “cultural event.”

This enrichened endemic activity may scare you in the first place with its branched-out information tree, yet, don’t be afraid because we, Rodeo Barbecue team, are here. We not only write for beginner cooks but also for experts who want to broaden their ideas about barbecue, which we want to do by bringing different, unusual, and uncommon recipes, and meat types you probably never heard of. 

What we want to do is simply deepen and extend your barbecue vocabulary and repertoire. You’ll be amazed by what you can barbecue once you see the content we gather together here for you. What you’ll see includes informational content varying from tips & tricks, guides, how-tos, and introductory articles to in-depth detailed reviews of barbecue-related products we carefully picked from the endless choices. Keep us at barbecue’s length to see the world of BBQ closer.